The name is divided into two parts. “Winder” comes from the Norse name Vinandr. While “mere” is an old English word for a collection of water. There are previous spellings such as “Wynhendermere” and “Winandermere”.

The lake Windermere is only called Windermere as “mere” is a lake. But to avoid confusion with, for example, Windermere Village, “lake” is sometimes added after the name.

Windermere is the largest lake in the Lake Districts.

Lake Windermere is 16.9 km long, 1.6 km wide and 67 meters deep. It is the largest natural lake in both the Lake District and in England. It is fed by many rivers.

The area in which Windermere is located is also known as the South Lakes.

One of the most popular pubs in the Windermere area is called Hole in t’Wall. When this bar opened for the first time, there was a hole between the bricks in the wall that allowed the bartender to send over a pint to the blacksmith who worked next door.

In 1895, when Lake Windermere froze, it remained frozen for six weeks. It was then possible to walk from one side of the lake to the other.

The large lake has since then been frozen a couple of times, last time was in 1963.

Every year a stone skimming competition is organized at Windermere.

At the 10th annual event held in 2018, Alex Lewis broke his record by 7 meters. He threw a winning 95 meters.

There is a single car ferry and it takes about 10 minutes to cross Lake Windermere. It departs from Ferry Nab, just south of Bowness, to Ferry House at Far Sawrey and runs year-round.

There are several marinas for smaller boats by the beaches.

You will find a large selection of guides and instructors for sailing and windsurfing based around the lake. The lake is today one of the best destinations for water sports in the Lake District.

Until March 2005, Windermere was the only lake in the Lake District that had no speed limit. Nowadays, a limit of 10 km / h has been introduced.

Since the 19th century, Windermere has been a popular tourist destination. The larger cities around Windermere are frequently visited.

In spring and summer, the pastures around Winermere are filled with sheep and lambs.

When the sun has been on for a long period, the water in the rivers is nice and warm enough to swim in along the shoreline.

Out in deeper water, it is always cold. Then a wetsuit is always recommended. During the summer, many local sports fairs are held.

In autumn, the surroundings change when the colors of the trees change. On the other hand, mountain hikes are popular with tourists. During the autumn, many local food fairs are held.

Winter is the low season but still a well-appreciated season. Experience cozy pubs and crackling bonfires after a refreshing walk in the winter landscape. It is cheaper to stay there during the low season and almost all attractions and restaurants are open as usual.

The Lake District in which Windermere is located was in 2017 put on the

UNESCO’s World Heritage List.